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décembre 21e, 2012

02:47 am
If you want to read my LJ entries or that I follow you on LJ say it here.

Cleaning my Lj friend list.
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novembre 11e, 2009

07:14 am - refund ?
So, how it's gonna work  :)

 I'll just pick up from the donation list up to a certain amount, then I'll send an email to the email given there and see if it's still active and if he wants the refund, or not.

some IF

1/ answer given: refund, refund
2/ answer given: no thanks, then please tell where to give the money
3/ no answer given after a full month, money will be put aside
4/ If you are a donator, and don't anymore use the account you donated with, please send me an email or message here with your old email, the name your were using and the amount in the currency you donated (euro/usd/etc)( exemple: Hi, blabla@mail.com John smith, 25usd

So, with the nonrefunded money, i'll make a poll (or something I'll see) and you'll choose where to put the money (charity stuff)

That's it.

First send, 305$
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octobre 12e, 2009

08:54 pm
To all my beloved trolls and bad tongues, refund starting next month. I'll post how things will be done :)
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juillet 11e, 2009

02:58 am
okay been told to my post right now instead of tomorrow,..

so the story, trust it or not.

When I said I was going to die, lot's of things were going on, didn't wanted all that attention,..
I went on a small trip with the few money I had left, telling I was going to die, like, from a cancer. Why ? Because I wanted to end my life and I didn't wanted people to interfer. I've spent few days at a friend place. Then Codydawg and Keenora invited me over, and thought why not as I still had money. Spent a few days there but the words spreaded faster than I though, and things started to move around.
I got caught in my own lies. I shoudl have said stop but didn't found the courage to do so. That's where I blame myself.
Everythings went so fast and I was just not clear in my mind thinking everyday how I should kill myself and days went on.

Everyone have been so awesome and nice. You still saved my life, trust or not

And when I finaly got alone again, leaving timduru's house I watched trains after trains, and I couldn't do it. Ashamed of me I finaly got in a train and went to the foreign legion, got engaged passed the test, and hurted myself and got kicked. I was in the middle of marseille got drunk and called my sister.

For Kurwasuka, I was missing you quiet heavely, but couldn't get back as numeight and I lied over and over again. You know the rest.

I DO NOT ASK FOR FORGIVENESS IT'S UNFORGATABLE. I'm aware of it. I failed you all.
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juillet 10e, 2009

05:47 pm
Say what you have to say,..

comment screened

ps: yes refund will be done.

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